Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drunk girls pantyless upskirts at disco club

Sexy drunk girl in sweater dress dancing at a disco club with her pussy peeking out of her panties as her dress rides up. Other girls out dancing against a pole with one flashing pantyless pussy upskirt under her sweater dress.

Now it’s time to start shooting some upskirts, so in the middle of winter, I had walk up some steps outdoors as I took some intrusive upskirt shots. First, I shot pantyless upskirts walking up some steps wearing her sheer white micro thong in disco club.

Girls with cameras are one of my favorite subjects for sitting upskirt pictures. Women in skirts who are distracted by something like eating or drinking are much more likely to forget about their skirts and give us some nice upskirt shots.

A couple cervezas, a few shots of tequila and pretty soon the inhibitions have disappeared and the shy girl is up on the stage trying to outdo her friends with drunk candid upskirts for the crowd.